About BitKiwi

BitKiwi is a company specializing in creating scale-able, custom, software solutions for you and your partners.

We work closely with you and your employees to create a seamless, easy-to-use, solution for your company.

Anything you want, as long as you can say it out loud, we can make it.
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A lot of our projects are obviously for our private contractors. However we also run and own some of our own public projects! Here's a few noteables!

   Censor Bot is an advanced anti-swear Discord bot that keeps users Discord server's crystal clean from swears and slurs, or whatever else you don't want. It uses a multitude of complex algorithms to parse and normalize user content, then match against an advanced filter and takes actions accordingly.
Site: censor.bot

      JPBBot's is a Discord Bot development company which creates and sponsors a multitude and large range of awesome Discord bots. A few examples are: Weather Bot, Frog Bot, Ti-84.
Our GitHub: https://github.com/jpbbots 
(though a lot of source is private)

     Discord-Rose is a Discord library specializing in scalability and customization. In the days where libraries are turning more and more simple at the cost of raw performance, if you're knowledgeable, rose is perfect for keeping everything well managed while still being decently simple! If you know the Discord API, you know rose.
NPM Package
GitHub Org

Frogs.media is a website and API for compilations of frog images.
Website: frogs.media